There is so much negative but we cannot let it consume our time and energy

This cover photo is my our first class event when I was a freshman in college. I was capturing the moment for our hall, Windham Hall, so we could later post to our social media pages to say we won BEAR Olympics. YES, this was before recording everything you see and do was cool… notice I’m the only one with their phone out hahaha. Little did I know the impact my instincts would have on my future & career.

As part of Western New England University’s Centennial celebrations in 2019, stories of alumni, faculty, staff, and students are being shared through the WNE100 Profiles Project. “Profiles highlight members of the University community who represent diverse educational, professional, and personal experiences.”

Thank you for reaching out and putting together this piece Ken Stratton! When I was the Online Content Curator for the Westerner (University Newspaper) at WNEU, I remember Ken and seeing him work up within the executive board, and now a member of the University staff as an Advancement Writer is incredible!

“For Danielle Chylinski ’17, social media has shaped and defined her career. She understands the negative downsides, but believes when used positively, it allows people to connect, share stories and better the lives of others.

‘We have been handed this piece of gold…to be able to share ideas, perspectives, positive sayings, experiences, so we can learn, build and grow from one another and just live our best lives,’ Chylinski said of social media. ‘There is so much negative but we cannot let it consume our time and energy,’  she added.

Chylinski graduated from Western New England with a degree in Communication – Public Relations, and made the most of her Golden Bear experience from day one.”

Click here to see the full profile

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