We’re out here paying for OUR own education. OURS. YOURS. NO ONE ELSES.

March 18, 2019: Last week at Western New England I was so impressed by each person in the class of 8 asking multiple questions after I just talked to them for LIKE AN HOUR about my experiences post-grad. I’ve been in so many classes in undergrad where people were terrified to talk/ask questions bc they were afraid of looking stupid or being wrong. My senior year one of my bffs (xbffs now for similar reasons l o l) laughed at me for winging an answer and getting it wrong… I’ll never forget it bc it made me laugh rather than feel embarrassed… we’re out here paying for OUR own education. OURS. YOURS. NO ONE ELSES. Paying to educate yourself, to learn more, feel more, understand more, grow more. — You’re not going to get everything ‘right’ and that’s the best part about livvvvvin. Some of the most IMPORTANT experiences and life-changing outcomes come from ‘mistakes.’ ✨“Most people in this world would rather lose looking like they’re doing something successful than win and be judged for doing something that seems dorky.” *stop living to impress people that u hate* I’m happier when I live to impress myself…… #WeirdBrag— PRO TIP; if you’re in college, it’s expensive and you should ask questions in class. The end. — Big thx to Mindy Chang for inviting me back to her PR Senior Seminar class 🖤

From my Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvKqkDYnq2A/?igshid=85y2jl00731d

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