“What can you even do with a Communication degree?” …You mean what can’t I do.

“I’ve been a communication public relations major since my sophomore year of college. I have continuous had people say things to me like …okay what are you going to do with that? That’s so broad. And of those questions are great questions, except they were all expressed in a negative tone…when in fact, they are all have positive answers.

Majoring in communication, you gain the skills that you need in every day life that are so crucial to function successfully and effectively. Have you ever met someone who wants to hire someone with poor communication skills? What’s better than an expert in communication?… small group communication, organization communication, business communication, mass media communication, communication theory, communication research… just to name a few.”

I started this blog post back in 2016, and I’m just revisiting it now… it all remains true and I’ve had nothing but amazing feedback on my degree now that I’m out of college. AND I have a kick ass job that I love and get to apply my degree to every day. Feels good to be able to impress myself, and those I’m employed with to help further the success of the company.

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