Things I thought I wanted to check off my list before moving out of my parents house

July 3: I had a list of things that I wanted to check off “during the first year of living home after college”… super interesting to see the things that were checked off, things that remained unchecked, and the ones that I no longer wanted to be checked so I crossed them out completely. 

I think it’s SO important to write things down and to date things. I’m learning how fast my mind changes and how quickly other people change around me. Being able to see the dates of thoughts that I had, and how I felt at certain times has served me and my perspectives.

And sometimes being happy about something at one point was what you needed, and you may not feel the same about it in the present.

I’ve felt myself shift from not thinking and going with the flow, to thinking and wondering how I actually feel about what’s happening around me. Best thing learned in the last 6mo  – there is no better feeling than living in the now, and the only thing holding yourself back is you. 

It’s up to you as to where and who you put your energy into.  And focus on self care. When I’m in alignment with those two things, I’m at my happiest. 

Sometimes I catch myself falling off, but then I know what I need to do to reconnect with myself and switch my mindset and focus back to where I need it to be.

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