The Glorious Stages of Being an Orientation Group Leader

Fall Semester 2015: It’s so exciting to see the next Orientation Group Leaders chosen at Western New England University. The day to day life as an OGL (orientation group leader) is absoloustly insane. It’s a great insane though. You don’t know what to expect out of the day. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a lunch break for more than 30 minutes

Day Of Finding Out You’re Official: You find out the entire group you’re with.

A Week After You’re Official: You get assigned your roommates and your clipboard buddy.

The Last Month Of the Semester: You attend small training sessions that get you so excited for the summer, you just want it to be June 1 already.

2 Weeks Until Move In: Time is ticking before you have to go and you’re panicking because you haven’t even looked at the commonly asked questions sheet yet even though 5 weeks back you said you would review them every week.

1 Week Until Move In: You’re panicking because you can’t find the least ugly pair of Bermuda kakis. As for the guys, they have no issue because they already have like 5 pairs of khaki cargo shorts in their regular wardrobe.

Weekend Before Move In: You haven’t even thought about picking up the summer reading book that all of the freshman have to read and you need to be able to talk about it with them.

Day Before Move In: You’re doing last minute packing but you don’t even know what the hell you’re packing because you have no idea how the summer will play out.

Day Of Move In: You get to campus and it’s like a typical move in day all over again. You brought so many unnecessary things: (ex) a soccer ball because you think you have all of this free time to hang around………………

First Day On The Job: Someone important is coming in to speak with you so you have to dress up. You have so many outfits to pick from since you brought your whole closet and you’re excited.

First Week On the Job: You love that you get to eat at the ‘Grille’ every day. Who doesn’t want fries and chicken fingers every chance you get? Don’t forget to ask for the extra ranch.

Last Day of the First Week: You found out you each have to write 50 personalized thank you notes to each perspective student. It actually sounds really cool and exciting. Until they tell you that you get to do them at home. Unpaid. In your “free time” that you don’t have.  You have 5 done and you’re ready to quit.

First Weekend On the Job: JK, weekends don’t exactly exist in OGL world. It’s Friday night and you just worked 9am-9pm, and you get to spend the rest of the night finishing your thank you notes until 3am.

**two months of no sleep, chaos, hard work, enough tears for the next two years, a few strong friendships formed, and a new extreme hatred for khakis and excuses*

Last Day On The Job: You either hang out with everyone, stay in bed for as long as possible, or go home.

Despite the craziness and sarcastic tone of my voice, this experience was the most rewarding and unforgettable experience that I believe someone could have in college. I’ve always wanted to go on the TV show, Survivor, but I think after this two month journey, I’m all set. It tests your strength both mentally and physically. It forces you to always be on your toes and ready to make someone’s day. It teaches you to not only push yourself, but to push others with you. Despite the eye rolling, the arguements, and the late night vent sessions, the summer was incredible and you can only hope the perspective students feel the same way.

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