Long Term Goal: Become a morning person and actually enjoy it.

‘I’m that girl that sets 3, 4, 5 alarms every morning and then hits the snooze button 5 times on each before I actually get up.  I love my bed, my blankets, my pillows. I love the idea of staying in bed all day. Once I’m out of bed, there is so much in that day that I want to tackle. But once I’m up, that’s not the issue.  My issue is actually waking up.

Here are some of the things that I started to do this semester to get me up and moving:

  1. Hot lemon water- I wake up and put hot water on the stove. I slice up my lemons, get out my tea cup and make hot lemon water.
  2. I fill my plants with my cup of water that I poured myself the night before.

What do you do to get yourself motivated and out of bed? I need all of the help that I can get. I’ve been trying to be a morning person. I set my alarm every morning hours before I have to go to class, or my first meeting of the day.  The night before, I’ll write my schedule out for the next day.  I’ll add a ton of small tasks to get done in the morning so they are out of my way and I don’t have to worry about them.

Then, my alarm goes off. I hit snooze. It goes off again. I hit snooze again. It goes off again. I set it for a new time. Sometimes 10 minutes later, or 30, or even an hour.

On the off days when I have the motivation to wake up… This is my routine.’

I wrote this my fall semester of 2018 in my undergraduate year in college. Now, it’s two years later and I can finally say that I know how to wake up without hitting snooze. I still wouldn’t call myself a morning person by any means, but I know what I have to do to “get in state” and crush my morning. It’s totally a work in progress and each day is certainly a challenge… but I love it. I’ve recently moved out of my parents house and am living alone which has 100% changed the game for my morning routine. I can blast my music, dress how I want, and really do whatever I want. I know what value I bring once I’m awake…. so TIME TO JUST FORCE MYSELF TO WAKE UP AND MAKE MY MOVE!

Let’s see where the next year takes me…

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