Why do you do Crossfit?

[9.19.18] I just realized that I’ve been doing Crossfit for a over a year. Like actually DOING it, staying committed to it, writing down all of my workouts and keeping track of my PRs.
I remember when I first made the decision to join. Completely out of my comfort zone (I was used to napping like 10x a day) and I always had every excuse in the book to do not certain things after I had knee surgery in 2010. Since I started crossfit, I finally started doing lunges again, squats, box jumps (eventually), got tricked into doing a rope climb, double unders, attempting handstand push ups, and so many other things I never thought I’d attempt to do, never mind successfully do.
When I did track in high school, the coaches gave up on me because I couldn’t even bench press the bar. They just told me to sit on the side and wait for everyone else to go. I was never confident because no one else believed in me, and I struggled to believe in myself.
Two months into crossfit, my little cousin asked “why do you do crossfit, you’re not fat.” I said “why do you do crossfit kids,” and she shrugged her shoulders. There’s such a stigma about working out, being “in shape” and even just crossfit in general. The amount of times people have questioned “how I do” crossfit… ummm hellllllo just like everyone else does crossfit. I push myself, I scale things when I need to, I get frustrated, I smile (usually) and I complete every workout. The only comparison you should be making is to the person you were yesterday, weeks ago, months ago… it’s you vs you.
Every day is a new challenge in learning my body, knowing when to push myself, and when to have a little extra fun and lift 35# when I know I could probably do 3x the weight…. My eye rolling has been limited recently but it’s still a big part of my crossfit journey!!!

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