“I’m just trying to find my passion still”

RANT TIME BECAUSE I KEEP GETTING TEXTS/DMS LIKE THESE: Everyone tells you to go to college & pick the right major for YOU so you can be happy 4ever & love your job but still make a lot of money & support yourself but most importantly your pets & your unnecessary shopping habits & addiction to junk food (and coffee). So you panic 24/7 figuring out what you’re good at. Or what you’ll excel in even though you don’t know how to correctly use an oven or can’t make a dentist appointment for yourself & you still have your mom do it. But the ones that are telling us this- we admire and respect so we try our best to listen & take their advice. They expect us to make the best judgement for our impossible unplanned future. Ya sure let me decide what I was made for at the age of 18 when I have experienced nothing but my basic town, with my same friends for the last 12 years. Not being exposed to other ways of living. I could tell you I wasn’t made for waking up without 26 alarms or my mom, so does that mean I should choose a path where I can sleep late and can work from my bed? Idk maybe. — So then you get your degree (because you “have to” not bc u want to), and graduate. You look for a job in your field but that’s basically impossible even after applying for over 100 a day bc somehow all of these places are looking for help but your help isn’t good enough. Anyway, you somehow manage to land an interview, get hired. You get a full time job and when you graduate and people are like … “Omg how’d you get a job in your major” “Oh you work full time” “Wow you got lucky” “Good for you” “Wow a lot of people don’t end up getting a job in what their degree is in” THESE ARE WORD FOR WORD what people older than me have said to me, yet still continue to push how important choosing the right degree is as an 18yo, and shame people who “can’t figure it out” or end up dropping out. —Either way people aren’t going to fully understand or support you. Someone will always have something negative to say about you, which is a reflection of them NOT you. But what I learned from one of my best friends in college is that people’s opinions of you are NOT your business. — Think about it. Businesses and companies are posting 3-5x a day on insta and are flourishing because of it. Our generation… you’re only socially allowed to post once a day and only at relevant times to get the right amount of likes otherwise you suck & all your followers hate you. The end. Bye. WILD. — You do it right according to what they tell you & you only end up hurting your growth. You do it “wrong” & you’re just like everyone else, but you’re finding YOUR way… which a lot of us always fail to remind ourselves regularly. Once you realize “immmaa be good regardless,” life gets easier. There’s nothing to “figure out” it’s a journey & your passion will come with experience and self awareness, we’re in the together. Time to accept the fact that everyone is struggling!!!!!! Hellllo, you’re not the only one using “the struggle is real” on a daily basis… it’s a trendy saying for a reason.

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