Dunkin’… I still eat way too many donuts.

Ok so we need to talk about the rebranding/renaming of DD. The brains behind changing to just Dunkin’ just makes my marketing/branding heart very happy. BUT FIRSSSTTTT let’s just acknowledge the fact that Merriam Webster credits Dunkin’ Donuts for helping to popularize the spelling, forcing the dictionary to add the word “donut” …. and now Dunkin’ is just leaving that all behind. K.
ALSO who in the world has $$$ to change ALLLLL of these locations from Dunkin’ Donuts to just Dunkin’… I love the fact that they’re modernizing the place, and this name change is only adding to their new glam look. As Jackie O said LIVE this am on The Morning Toast … “anything that you need to do to leap ahead of Starbucks, go for the gold my friends.” There’s been talk about this for a while, but amen that they finally decided to launch publicly… and all of their posts have been genius & trendy!!! You go Dunkin’, makin big moves n shiiitttt.

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