Things I Taught Myself to Fully Believe in 2016

Today, I came across this list in my notes on my iPhone and I thought it was a great reminder of how accomplished I felt at the end of 2016, and to remember what I’ve learned then, and apply it to “the now”…  Just like Kylie Jenner had said in her unnecessary 30 second video, “I feel like this year is really about like the year of just realizing stuff, and everyone around me, we’re all just like realizing things.” Do you remember what you took away from 2016?

Things I taught myself to fully believe in 2016:

1) Everything happened, and will continue to happen for a reason.

2) You manifest your own destiny.

3) Do things for “you”. For your happiness. Ignore the millennial stereotype.  It does not define you.

4) One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that grades are just grades.  GPA is just a GPA. Sure it matters, but what also matters is how you feel when you get your final grades, and your updated GPA. It doesn’t show how you got there, it doesn’t measure how you felt in the process, and it certainly doesn’t highlight all of the fun that you’ve had in between. In 2016, I received the best grades in my college career, and surprisingly, this also was the most social I’ve been in the past two years. Being 21 has played a huge part in that, but also realizing that happiness and great friendships are one of the most important values that I have.

5) The realization of the strong importance of self care is due to a few of the inspiring people that I am able to call some of my best friends.

6) No one will ever fully know your story, but what does that really matter?

7) I realized that naps are great and I will nap as much as I can until I graduate and get a full time job. I used to nap to pass time, but now, I nap because I wake up feeling great.

8) I have realized that for once, I am making decisions because it is what I want at that time, it’s what I feel will benefit me down the road, and how it effects those who are a part of my life.

9) I’ve proved that I’m a loyal friend… Always count me in to go to the bar no matter what day of the week.

10) Some things just aren’t your business.

11) DJ Kahled taught me that they don’t want me to succeed, so I’m going to succeed.

… And of course have fun, enjoy the life of being 21, and you’re only a senior in college once!

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