“You’re more like me than you’ll ever know”… Guess Who!


Who: My Dad 🙂

What:  Let’s start off by saying this- You’ll never find someone who loves to fish as much as he does. He’s someone who calls fishing “his job” and wakes up at all hours of the night, or morning to go fishing with his friends. He dances way too much, sings way too loud, drinks just the right amount (sometimes)…

Where: There’s a good chance you’ll find my dad at any grocery store within a 40 mile radius of Newington. The worst thing you could possibly do with him is go to the grocery store. A trip to one grocery store ends up being a trip to three or four stores because we HAVE TO get the best deals in town, and we won’t settle for anything less. I remember when I was younger I used to sit at the kitchen table and watch my dad cut out coupons and get ready for the weekly grocery shop.

When: Thanks Dad for all of those times you made me be home by 11pm. I used to roll my eyes so much at him (well, I still do) -I’m lucky my eyes are still in my head. I know you just wanted me home safe… and safe I always was. Thanks for always being tough on me during every…..single……soccer game.  I was always furious at the time, but looking back, it has made me stronger in all aspects of life. I’m not afraid to get knocked down, and I’m not afraid to get back up and keep trying full force. Thanks for accompanying me and mom at spin classes… killing it of course. Thanks for supporting my ramen addiction, but always making sure we have good fruit in the house.

One of the biggest things I missed once I went away to college was the late night, “Anything else before I close the kitchen?” calls down the hall. Once I was away at college, I realized that I had to actually get up and decide what I wanted to eat rather than have a mini menu of options read out to me as I lay in bed. I remember telling my friends about the nightly routine, and they would say something along the lines of, “wow I love him already.” When you hear it every day, even at times when the last thing you’re thinking about is food, it’s something that is appreciated and missed when you don’t hear it every day anymore.

Why: We both get angry easily and raise our voices. We always like every kind of condiment  you can think of… the more sauces the better. If you couldn’t tell from all of the pictures, we both have that hot sexy round polish face and dark hair. We both love singing in the car, except I usually know all of the words and he’s making them up half of the time. We both talk to random people at the grocery store… or basically anywhere. The famous “you’re more like me than you’ll ever know” quote will live on forrreeeevvvvvver.

Happy 49th birthday Dad!


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