5 Important Things I Learned to Think About From The Abraham Hicks Workshop

  1. Do I really want to devote my now to go against my inner being?
    No more wasting energy on being annoyed with someone, or being frustrated or mad about how they spend their time or what they do. I cannot be in alignment with myself and be pushing against someone. Those who bother me will either eventually come into harmony with me or they will vibrate out of my experience. All I have is the now. There is no future. There is no past. All I have is the time that I am currently in. Sure, there really is a future, but that will eventually be the now. So for now, we will and should only focus on the now. I have to stop saying “I need to do something different,” and just continue to meet up with my inner being and love who I am. Let the law of attraction work things out.
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  2. It’s not my job to convince anyone about me.
    No more worrying. No more feeling like I have to explain myself to anyone. I am allowed to have my own views, even if others don’t understand them or believe them. I have access to anything that I want all of the time. I learned that I cannot allow anyone to deprive me of who I am. My inner being loves who I am, and I will feel the same when I am connected and in alignment with myself. It sounds so simple, yet we all struggle with it every day. Eventually, I know that it will just feel natural to me.
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  3. Focus on my inner being and I will live happier ever after. 
    Everyone feels lost when they are not in alignment with who they really are. When you are being yourself, and feeling connected with your thoughts and emotions, nothing but good can come out of it. When I am feeling negative emotion, I am denying the love from the source within me. Rather than lining up with it, I am rallying against it. Once I get realigned, I instantly feel the change in my mindset. At times, some things don’t go the way I planned, but that’s okay. I have learned that meditation will help me relax and that the ultimate freedom is being able to control the way I feel.
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  4. When I feel myself “striving” think, “who am I trying to impress?”
    Really though… who are we trying to impress and what are we trying to get out of it? I learned that I don’t share things to impress people. I share and post because I am proud of my accomplishments that I’ve had along the way, and want to share them with those that are a part of my journey. I am slowly starting to understand who I am. I have made lists of positive aspects and that has helped me stay on track. When I am in tune, I will get a steady flow of inspirational ideas. By allowing myself to realize that, I have seen a positive change in my everyday thinking. I have learned to stop fighting “not being where I want to be with everything” and I feel much better about my overall well being.
    Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 3.53.21 PM
  5. Do not think this way: “I don’t feel so good and I need you to change a little or go back to who you used to be until I feel better”
    You do not need anyone but yourself to be happy. I cannot rely on other people to change or be a certain way in order for my happiness bucket to be filled.  I need to be happy with myself first. When in a relationship, I have to look to my alignment with my inner being to find who I am, and love the way I am supposed to. I will eventually “become love” and then I can have “objects of attention” all around me, allowing them to feel my expansion of love. I will learn that people will walk out of my life because they will vibrate out, but whether people stay or go, I will still be in alignment. Sometimes I will want people to stay close, but they won’t. I will find myself asking, “Can I find a way to find my vibration with this relationship?” and sometimes I will. Others, I won’t, and that’s something that I’ve learned is okay.

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