Just some Mother’s Day Love.


Thank you for allowing and accepting me to simply be me. Thank you for always supporting me and being my number one fan. Thank you for always being open with me and giving me the strength to open up to you about everything. You’re always the first person I want to call when I have good news, and surprisingly terrible news too. Thank you for trusting me and my judgement, and allowing me to be the best version of me that I can.

Thank you for always reminding me about the positives in life, and that I am awesome. Thank you for consistently telling me you love me, and are proud of me. Every day has its challenges, but it is always great to know that I am making you proud. Thank you for not always supporting my chip eating habits, but thank you for understanding that I do not really like dessert foods, and that salad will always have a special place in my heart.


Thank you for surviving 3 proms with me.  Between the dress shopping, getting my hair, nails and makeup done, and just trying to make sure I was always happy… thank you. And Dad, thank you for listening to us, dealing with us, and not freaking out (too much) about how much we spent on it all. At the end of the day, every penny (or not so much) was worth the great memories. Thank you for listening to all of the drama in my life. Middle school, high school, college– you never gave up listening and I know you never will. Thank you for reminding me that what people say negatively about others is not what defines them. Thank you for always letting me have such fantastic birthday parties. Thank you for always making me the coolest cakes, and letting me have cool inflatable slides and things. You always wanted what was best for me, and knew how important having all of my friends celebrate with me was to me. It’s hard to believe that I’ll be turning 21 in just a few months. I can remember back to when I had my Survivor themed birthday party…seems like yesterday.

Thank you for teaching me how to drive (dad too)! The picture above on the bottom right was taken before I had my own car and I was blessed to drive the mini van around town. I promise my parking skills are way better now… 3+ years later. Thank you for always loading up your van with all of my stuff for college… literally to the point where not one more thing could fit. Every year we always say how crazy we are, but the year after we just do it all over again. Thank you for teaching me how to wash my car… and forcing my to wash my own car. I wouldn’t want anyone else to teach me the crazy tricks on how to wash your car the fastest, and the cheapest. Thank you for all of those times you would drive me to a friends house, or drive my friends and I to the mall, movies, or basically anywhere… You’ve always cared about us being happy and having fun. The mini van may not be the cutest of cars, but it certainly has had an huge positive impact on me growing up.


Thank you for always helping me accomplish my goals, and keeping me determined to make positive change. Thank you for teaching me that it’s not always about what you get back from what you give. Of course getting awards and being able to celebrate them with people you love is a great feeling, but that’s not what it’s all about. Thank you for supporting me throughout everything I have been involved in, all of the clubs and organizations that I have gave my time to, and all of the effort that I have put in to make a difference in the world around me. Thank you for reminding me that pain is only temporary and that if I have to stay up and extra hour or two to make sure that I accomplish what I need to, it’s all worth it.

IMG_0873Thanks for always being the cool, fit mom and running crazy races with me (Dad too)! Thank you for sharing bathing suits with me, and even belly button rings! Thank you for always pushing me to have fun, and to make the most of my time. I know how much you hate when I always take naps… and as much as I hate when you wake me up from them, thank you. Thank you for always pushing in me and believing in me, whether it was with soccer or track, or just a school assignment. You always believe that I try my hardest and put forth my best effort in everything that I do. Thank you for always being by my side and sticking with me through the tough times. Thank you for reminding me that all of these crazy experiences only make me stronger. Thank you for being there and helping me getting over my fears. I never thought I would be able to survive getting blood work done, or getting knee surgery… but you always reminded me how ridiculous I was to even be worried. Thank for you motivating me and encouraging me to always put my best foot forward. Thank you for shaping me into me.



Thank you for supporting me throughout my high school years…middle school, elementary school, and preschool too. Thanks for always making sure I had a balance between classes, athletics and a social life. Thank you for allowing me to get the senior pictures that I’ve always looked forward to. I appreciate you helping for 5 hours while I changed into 10+ outfits during the mini photo shoot. I love how much we take pictures of everything because being able to look back at it all has just proved that everything along the way has been worth it. Thank you for staying up late with me in middle school, in high school and even in college to help me finish papers that I never thought I would be able to complete. IMG_0855Thank you for all of those times you and Dad helped me fix the printer when it stopped working right before school started and I had an assignment due just a few hours later. Thank you for listening to me all those times I cried to you on the phone, or the late nights at home. Thank you for not judging me, but just loving me instead. You always do your best to understand where I am coming from.



Thank you, and Dad for being the biggest support system and greatest parents. Thank you for understanding how much of a dysfunctional mess I am at times, but still love me just as hard. You’re welcome for basically being your twin, and having everyone always joke and ask if we’re sisters. You’re welcome for sharing closets and being your own personal fashion stylist. 🙂 The thank you’s can go on and on… but most importantly, thank you for being my best friend. There are not enough thank you’s in this world to show how appreciative I am of you. I love you mom!

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