Cool things happening in May.

My JUNIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE is almost over. It has by far been the most challenging year yet.  Time flew by and I am more than excited to almost be a senior… but first, let’s talk about May. How is it already May? I created a small list of things that want to accomplish this month.

  1. Plan my trip to St. Thomas: I’m happy to announce that I will be working/interning with my Aunt Suzanne in St. Thomas this summer for three weeks in June! As of now, my plan is to leave June 1. I will be helping with the ICMC Vivus Program. I will be assisting with community outreach, customizing the student portal and Facebook page, organizing the program process….and much much more! How blessed am I to have a crazy successful aunt who lives in the islands 🙂 She’s the cutie in the middle of this picture. It was taken last year when I went to visit in May!image1.JPG
  2. Book my next race: Ever since I ran a half marathon in Disney, I’ve been so preoccupied with other things that I haven’t even thought about a next race. I think I want to continue to do small races that I can run with multiple people and have fun doing so. Not to say a half marathon isn’t fun… but let’s just say running less miles than 13.1 sounds more appealing. Anyone signed up for a cool race soon that I should look into?12705777_10154548872328625_4821397532235854150_n.jpg
  3. I need to find the perfect planner: Right now my planner is awesome. It was $30 and I love it. But I’m thinking…I want a different kind of planner for my senior year of college. The one that I have now would last me until December 2016, but the sound of a fresh planner for the summer, and my senior year just sounds exciting. If anyone has any suggestions on planners that they’ve used and loved, please let me know! The bigger the better because I needs lots of space to write down notes, lists & ideas. I’m taking any and all suggestions.IMG_0469.jpg
  4. Figure out my last internship for credit in college: Today was my last day as an intern at The Silent Partner in Manchester, CT. The environment is great, the energy rocks…and I’m not sure I can find another place like it. I am looking for an internship again for next semester. Luckily, I can do one for credit again so it will take the place of a class. I have the option to do one in the Marketing Department at Western New England, but I’m still trying to decide if I want to go out somewhere into a different business or company. Any ideas, I’ll take em all.FullSizeRender.jpg
  5. Prepare to see Abraham Hicks’ teachings live: I am fortunate enough to attend the Abraham Hicks- Vortex of Attraction Workshop.  I will be attending with my mom, aunt & cousin at the end of May. If you don’t know about Abraham’s teachings… do some research and check it out. Click here to view the Abraham Hicks page! It will be a positive and inspirational speaker discussing the beliefs in the Law of Attraction. I have to mentally prepare myself to be amazed and enlightened!!!


Taking the time to write a few goals down for the month always helps me stay on track. If you haven’t done so, you should give it a shot. Happy May– Let’s hope these April showers find their way back home.

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