What would the world be like if we were speaking powerfully to people who were listening consciously…

I was really excited to watch this Ted Talk in particular. With a title like, “How to speak so that people want to listen,” how could you not? The speaker, Julian Treasure, started off his Ted Talk by saying speaking “can start a war” or impacts someone powerfully by saying “I love you.” I really enjoyed how Treasure referred to the number of bad habits as 7 deadly sins of speaking. This was such an interesting and different idea. I enjoyed even more how he had a positive way to look at them. Over the past year, I have been consciously becoming aware of the 7 habits he mentioned, not only in myself, but also in those I choose to surround myself with.

Gossip is always a hot topic. “Speaking ill of somebody that is not present,” Treasure mentioned. If you’re surrounding yourself with those who constantly gossip, they are most likely gossiping about you. Another “deadly sin” that caught my attention was negativity. “I said ‘it’s October first today’ and she said, ‘I know isn’t it dreadful.’” The whole crowd laughed when Treasure gave that example from a conversation with his mother but I’m sure they are all guilty of a similar situation. Often, I walk away from negative talk and it is the best decision I can ever make for myself. The idea of complaining being a “national sport in the UK” had me cracking up. Treasure referred to it as “viral misery” and it’s actually so true, it’s scary.

I found it interesting how Treasure mentioned you could have a voice coach to improve your voice. That is something I never thought about before. Through my experience in Student Senate, I learned the importance of pace and silence. Treasure mentioned how pace can be used to “slow right down to emphasize” and that “nothing is wrong with silence.” It can be very powerful.

I will remember this Ted Talk because in such a short period of time, I was reminded and taught about the importance of how you speak and how you come across to other people. The power of positivity is so strong, and can be so contagious if more people we’re open to it. This Ted Talk provided such an important message. If you cannot say what you want to say in an inviting way, no one will listen to you. Eventually, people will consciously tune you out if you display the “7 deadly sins of speaking” Treasure mentioned.

What would the world be like if we were speaking powerfully to people who were listening consciously in an environment which were actually fit for purpose?” The thoughts this question sparked are something I could not have learned from a book. The idea of if we were creating sound consciously and consuming sound consciously was so interesting to me. At Accepted Students Day, the Chair of the Communication Department at Western New England University shared how as a species, we are terrible listeners. And the deeper you think into that idea, the more real it becomes.

When thinking to business elements, I believe it is clear that the way you speak to people will influence and reflect the way you communicate with someone. Not only how you communicate with your coworkers, but with other companies, and other business professionals as well. If you are constantly complaining, being negative, judging others, or any of the other 7 deadly sins, it will be an extreme turn off. You could easily get yourself fired, and be replaced by someone who is uplifting, positive, and does not complain.

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