The source within you knows where you stand in relationship to everything you want, and knows the path of least resistance to get to it.

This video is so inspiring because it reminds you to figure out what feels best to you. It is important to care about the way you feel. The question that Abraham Hicks brings up is in this video is, how do you know what feels best to you?  She mentions that when you have been suffering negatively (for whatever the reason may be) for such a long time, no choices feel good to you. That is when she says you need to make choices that align with your path. Someone may make choices that are not aligning with your path. “The source within you knows where you stand in relationship to everything you want, and knows the path of least resistance to get to it.” You will get on a path that makes you feel something good.

“It isn’t wrong for you to choose this rather than this, or this rather than this. That’s why you were born in an environment of contrast. In a world where everybody gets to choose,” Abraham said. The more I think about it, and I’m sure the more you think about it, it is true! You cannot  “try to define what everybody should choose.” They can and should make their own decisions that are best for them. People constantly argue about “who is choosing what,” but why does that even matter to you? Abraham says that once you eliminate yourself from that conversation, you will easily flow along your path. You will find the power within you to fulfill the success that you are reaching for.

“Shouldn’t I be able to play with everyone?” No. You do not have to. It is okay to not like something. It is not your job to like it. This video gives us a lesson that we all can benefit from learning. It is not easy and that’s why so many people cannot follow it. Will you align with what you want, or with what they want?  It is obvious as to what you give up to align with them.  We are taught that just looking out for yourself is selfish, and that you are depriving them of what they are supposed to get from you. Abraham tells us that you cannot be the source to give people what they want. That will drive you to live for them, and not for your own happiness. You have to find your own independence.

I often listen to videos by Abraham Hicks, and I am going to attend one of her talks at the end of the semester. The perspectives that are shared are worth so much and can completely change the way we view the world. I love sharing these videos with other people because the more that listen and understand, the more united we all can be on the same positive path. It provides us with a clearer way of thinking, and this video reminds us that it is okay to live for our own happiness. When you unconditionally focus on what you want, great things will happen.

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