Never lose sight of the great little things you experience.

Everything you do has the opportunity to be a positive experience. Some you can plan for, while others just happen. I’ve been so much more aware of the great little things lately and I’ve been writing them all down. It’s a great reminder of how many awesome things happen when you think clearly and have an open mind. I haven’t always believed that everything happens for a reason, but recently, it all makes sense.

Lucky me, I’ll be saving money!

I have been cutting out coffee from my diet. I cry a little bit inside every day 😦 As of tomorrow, it will be 2 weeks since I have had it. I used to have my Dunkin App on automatic reload and when it went under $10, it would add $10 more. I’ll save lots of money now! I’ve been using up the rest of the money on my card so I can delete the app (I’m sure everyone that knows my obsession with the app is probably reading this and gasping). I’ll grab breakfast from there once in a while, but I’ve been getting water for a drink instead! You’d think it would be free, but they charge you for the cup. Sometimes, they charge random amounts, up to as much as $1.50. On Wednesday, I went to Dunkin before my internship and they only charged me $0.25! Greatest purchase ever. If you haven’t tried Dunkin iced water, you should.

How am I already picking housing for my senior year in college?

My group of roommates for next year picked housing this week! I’m in a group of 6 girls, including myself. There was a total of 24 suites that we could pick from. By the third day in the morning, there were 13 left. By the time my group picked at 2pm, there were only 8 left. The nerves kicked in but I was sure we would get one. Of course there was that little thought in my mind that we may not get what we want, but I just had a feeling. GO US! We ended up getting a suite, just seconds after 2pm.

Maybe it’s time I start exercising again… Yup, it’s a sign.

I’ve been wanting to play on an intramural soccer team every year since I’ve been at school. It’s been three years, and I still haven’t done it. I would try to ask people every year but I never had enough people that were interested to start a team. Out of no where, a friend texted me saying they needed one more girl on their team to play. Boom! Now I’m on a team. 🙂

Guac isn’t extra for me.

I was at Chipotle and I ordered a bowl to go, like I always do.  Every time I eye the guac but never get it because I never want to pay extra. When I got home, I opened my Chipotle to eat, and I found that there was guac in my bowl! I didn’t ask, and neither did the worker at Chipotle, but somehow, I had it! Maybe I had give me free guac written on my forehead.

Rule #1: Don’t ever lose hope while dress shopping.

My mom and I were dress shopping at the Buckland Mall today. We love the store Windsor, in the Meridan Mall, and we were hoping that it was in the Buckland Mall. We didn’t check, we just hoped it would be! We went to Macys & JcPenny, and we didn’t find anything good. Right when we were starting to lose a little bit of hope, my mom  was looking down at her phone and goes, “I wish Windsor would just pop up.” I literally looked about 5 stores down, and there it was.

Keeping track of the great little things will certainly be exciting to look back at. Sometimes we get lost in the negative energy and we need to be reminded how great life is!!!

Comment and post great experiences that unexpectedly happened to you this week!

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