I feel like I should have my own magazine called Danielle Weekly… but for now, this will do!

There is always so much to say (and usually I always just call my mom and tell her), but I have no where to keep it where I can look back at it for myself, or for other people to read about it.  I’ve thought about journaling, or writing down things that keep me happy each day, but with my productive schedule, I figured doing it all online would be easier and more rewarding. Crazy things happen to me every day whether it’s exciting, interesting, mind-blowing, inspiring.. and my opinions about things become stronger as I continue to form different perspectives on life.

I’m not going to limit myself to any sort of category or specific topics for this blog but my goal is to write at least once a week. I’ve always felt it’s important to reflect on your week, and remember the positive highlights that you’ve experienced.  This will be a place for me to share exciting news, uplifting words, exciting tips & tricks, and what motivates me to get out of bed each morning!!!!

Something awesome happens every day, whether it’s big or small.  You don’t realize how much kindness you’re surrounded by until you talk, or write it down. I get so excited and inspired by things (seeing people’s videos, listening to people sing, watching ted talks, viewing YouTube videos, reading books, pinning outfits or quotes on Pintrest, watching snap stories, reading Cosmo, following famous people on social media, hearing other people’s success stories), but I always find myself crawling into bed to take naps because I feel tired, or get cold and the only way to be warm is to snuggle with my millions of pillows and blankets.  Hopefully tracking and talking about things that go on in my life will keep me excited to continue to better myself and push me to do new things that I would like to accomplish!

What better way to end spring break than to start something new for myself 🙂

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